1. Bump Into Me

From the recording Waterfall


Doing the right thing I’m feeling good,
it could seem easy but it is not.
Some days I’m lonely, some days I’m lost,
it could be easy but it is not.

Dreaming forever is not my choice,
even though it’s raining the sun breathes alone.
Life is not ending but somebody is gone.
It’s just a life rule everybody follows.

Pure is the sky in the summertime,
she is feeling alive and I’m feeling alright.
Everything ends, light disappears
and I follow its trail not to bump into me.
Not to bump into me.

Taking the risk to be what I am
it tastes a bit strange but I’m feeling fine.
You may think I’m acting but I’m truly myself,
I’m just striving to scape from my shell.

Sometimes I’ll be smiling, sometimes I’ll be down.
Now I want to be here, tomorrow I’m out.
But if you do love me let me be around.
Play my best cards and I’ll always be found.


Hey you! What’s on your mind?
I was waiting for you so many times.
And I guess you don’t exist
‘cos every time I want to have you
it is like my own shadow I cannot reach,
I cannot reach.