1. True Love

From the recording Waterfall


Leave me alone, I want to rest
between the two lights: the moonlight, the first sun.
I’ll wait for him wherever he is,
he’s coming tonight, I know he is.

Somebody told me a long time ago
the True Love is the one who can turn into air.
Follow the paths where nobody can walk,
swimming through oceans with no water and no salt.

So bring please, the True Love to me,
the one without shape, without weight or belief.
The one who can be a good friend of mine,
the one who is able to enlarge my mind.

This kind of love is all over the world
in every single body, in every single soul.
From the smallest thing we’re able to see
to the person that you want to be.

Even though you keep saying that’s not true
I don’t want to be feeling that blue.
I just want to keep taking my mind
into a place far from darkness, where the Moon is around.

It’s your choice to be flying that way,
the sky is much bigger than any other place.
So my babe, look upon your head
and give to yourself the liberty you deserve.