1. We Forgot

From the recording Waterfall


Going out the room
leaving me behind one more night.
Your message was clear enough
but I had to give it a chance before I blew it away.

And I forgot what to do,
and you forgot what to say
so the silence came to stay, again
drowning any nice word that we used to share.

You’d got obsessed in what was wrong instead of loving me
and I didn’t know what to draw to make it colourful.
You turned me down inviting shadows that ate me
and I didn’t know what to do, what to say.

Because I’m too young to assume
and too fool to forget those pretty things
someone had said to me.
And now it looks like we have reached the end.


It was not the time that killed each other’s desire.
It was you and I, it was our choice to turn off the fire.
And here we are, feelings are gone too far away.
I cannot find anywhere the love we felt one day.